4play 101 & tinder method

4play 101 course

$44.44 (was $88.88)

Everything you need to know about foreplay and kinky sex all in one package. From kissing on a woman’s neck to sucking on her tits, fingering, how to hit it from the back, and even more with REAL LIFE WOMEN! This one package right here can take your sex game into the next level! You will have to access to videos forever. Foreplay is essential when it comes to sex or just dealing with women in general, and if you get that correct, your dating life will be so much easier. Also added bonus of a full audio of how to talk dirty to women during sex.

tinder method series

$22.22 (was $44.44)

Are you interested in getting a minimum of 3-5 matches a day? Well, look no further! I introduce to you the TINDER METHOD. This is my highly anticipated course that has gotten men results all over the world! There are so many nuances that I guarantee you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Access now to make your online dating life 10x easier! Also, I include a bonus video which is what to do after getting the Tinder matches.